Life is (much) about seasons. Life is about (much) change.

RPF has been a daydream of ours for the better part of five years. It has been the drive and focus of countless hours, early mornings and long nights. We have seen bits of success and large amounts personal growth. And as seasons do, change, we find ourselves among the change.

Today we write to say that this will be the final post for Rock Paper Feather. Much thinking and praying has gone into this decision to conclude and we know that this is where the season of change is taking us.

We have enjoyed the journey and we are so very thankful for ALL the encouragement and support along the way!

Here’s to all that lies ahead in this ever-changing life! And as always…live life handmade!


Stacia & Jess

Johnny Cash Museum - Out & About

written by: Stacia Grafton

About a month ago my good friend's parents came to town to visit. We all got together and spent a day touring around Nashville. I love when people visit for the first time and I get to play tourist along with them. It keeps the magic alive about Nashville and causes me to see it in the light of someone else with fresh eyes. It allows me to actually get out and IN the city instead of just passing it by quickly while rushing on the freeway (or "interstate" as they say out here) to/from work on the daily. Plus it helps me accomplish items off my own touristy list of Nashville to do's.

Our Sunday started out with a first of mine Hattie B's Hot (Nashville) Chicken. It was so so yummy! This is a must do for all alike, those who live here and those who are visiting/passing through. It is some great chicken and sides. Watch out for the heat--it's no joke!

Next stop was the Johnny Cash Museum. It's a smaller and newer museum in downtown Nashville. This was also a first for me. I thought the museum did a really great job at capturing Johnny's life. Johnny Cash lived just about 20 minutes outside of Nashville, so the museum had a lot of his personal belongings. I would guess it was due to him being a local and having such great access to his things.  There were lots of little things like elementary school items, things form his days working in cotton fields, things from his military service, and even letters and such from his first marriage. The history of a famous person's life always intrigues me. Who knew if they ever knew what they would become. 

Our last stop was the Country Music Hall of Fame. I have done this before and it's pretty fun. I'm not a country fan by any means, but I would still say this is a fun must-do Nashville staple.

Here are few pics from the Johnny Cash Museum...

Johnny wanting to play me a song and I just wanted a pic.

Love these little details.

My favorite piece in the entire museum. 

Hope you have a great weekend! Maybe get out and have some Out & About fun yourself!


Artist Justin Hager - Inspiration

written by: Stacia Grafton

This past week I caught a glimpse of Justin Hager's work for the first time on my friend's Instagram. She had just attended his art opening in Los Angeles and posted her favorite piece. It was of Evander Holyfield with a partially missing ear. It intrigued me so much that I did some research and discovered more of Hager's work.

His work is humorous and witty about pop culture. He uses a variety of play on words to convey the lighter side of art and of those who are famous. His art style reminds me of doodling, but adult style doodling. 

You can see a bit more into his art process, which I appreciate and find inspiring, on his Instagram. What I gather is that his work builds layers upon layers, so it's much more than simply doodling. He also mentioned that he paints 18 hours a day. Say what?! If that's not inspiring (or crazy) I'm not sure what is.

Layers on layers.
This one is called The Little Rascals. Hahaha! Dying!!
A few more favorites I found...

Here's to a new week with new inspirations! We'll see you again on Wednesday.


Currently Thanksgiving

It's time for our monthly check-in, we like to call Currently. This month we decided to get more in the holiday mood and talk about Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a special time for my family. My younger sister, Brianne, was born on Thanksgiving and she passed away when she was 13 (I was 15) due to cancer. The holiday has been and will always be associated with Bri. It's a little bitter sweet but also special because we are gathered together as a family to remember and love.

I also love cooking. Cooking a special meal for my family is a way that I say, " I love you!" and Thanksgiving is the biggest show of love I can give. I like to do everything from scratch. Except this year, I will be making green bean casserole from a can (my mom doesn't like my homemade version). And it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without one can of cranberry jelly.

Favorite Thanksgiving Recipe: Homemade Stuffing! My mom taught me to make stuffing and there are no exact measurements. Bread cubes, sage, thyme, butter, salt, pepper, onions, and celery. I do it by taste and smell. But it always turns out so good! I make a ton of stuffing because you have to have it for leftovers. I also like to make an extra batch by adding in some chopped granny smith apples and dried cranberries.

Turkey or Side Dishes?: Side Dishes are hands-down the best part about Thanksgiving! They make the meal. Stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, that is what it's all about. The turkey is important but it's more for show. I enjoy turkey more the next day for leftover sandwiches.

Favorite Thanksgiving Memory: One year our two best friends and us rented a house in Lake Tahoe for the week. It was such a relaxing and fun Thanksgiving that didn't really go as planned. That year, Lake Tahoe had no snow and snow was a major part of entertainment plans for the kids. Even the ski resort was closed. No sledding, no skiing.  Every night, the dads would spray down the driveway till it was all icy and the kids would slide down the driveway and us moms all stayed inside trying not to freak-out about the possibilities of broken arms. It was a week full of lazy days, coffee and lots of wine surrounded by the best of friends. Perfect!

Thanksgiving Traditions: One thing we do every year as a family after dinner is done and cleaned-up is watch Elf. It's our way of kicking-off the Christmas season. The kids really look forward to it and they start asking if we are going to watch Elf after Thanksgiving starting in October. Another thing I love to do but is not a favorite of the kids is taking a nice long walk after dinner. Usually they all complain before we start but everyone is happy by the time we get home.

This year I'm Thankful for: Cliché but, I'm so thankful for my family. The last 6 months we have gone through a LOT of changes. It took all of us to  I am so proud of how we have pulled together.

I love Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. The time of year, the family/friends time, the day off work, the cooking, the food, etc. etc. etc. makes Thanksgiving day great and I'm really looking forward to it!!

This year I will get to spend Thanksgiving at home in California. I'm pretty excited to be able to be among those I love dearly.

Favorite Thanksgiving Recipe: I personally love easy recipes. My top two favorite Thanksgiving recipes to make, Cheesy Potato/Hashbrowny Something and Cherry Dump Cake, are ones you simply dump the contents in. Dump and wa-la a tasty dish appears!

Turkey or Side Dishes?: Sides for sure! Potatoes, dressing, green beans, and rolls OH MY!

Favorite Thanksgiving Memory: I really get into decorating the dinner table. I think being creative with table decor is my favorite Thanksgiving pastime.

Thanksgiving Traditions: Each year I try to make homemade pumpkin pies. And when I do I make them "fancy" by getting creative and making a decorative crust or design of some sort.

This year I'm Thankful for: as Jess said, yes, sometimes being thankful for certain things sounds so cliché, but that's ok if you really mean it. I'm going the sappy route by saying I'm thankful for my boyfriend and our budding relationship. Thanksgiving is around the time we started "talking" which makes it a special time of year. I know you're reading this...thanks love!

*Sorry I have NO pics. I just discovered this morning that all my pictures from my computer have disappeared. I'm refusing to say a permanent words like deleted or gone . Just imagine the fancy pumpkin pies and elaborate table decor--think Martha Stewart status! Yea right!! :)

Apple Pie Bites - Pin'd it, Done it

written by: Stacia Grafton

Perfect bite sized apple pie. Made two ways

A couple of weekends ago my good friend had a house warming in celebration of her first home purchase. I volunteered to bake for the event. I have always loved baking. It is easily one of my favorite hobbies. 

As for my menu, I had chocolate and pumpkin flavored desserts covered, yet I still felt I needed a little more variety. I knew I wanted something mini size as well as easy to make, so I then (of course) ventured to ol' Pinterest for insight and inspiration. 

After searching for "mini desserts" I came across the recipe for Apple Pie Bites and knew this was the perfect filler. This recipe is great for a few reasons. It is really yummy and simple. Plus you may already have most of the ingredients at home like I did.

Find the entire step-by-step tutorial/ how to here

Here's a little bit on the steps I took. Enjoy and bake on!

Honeycrisp is the way to go. Always.
I added a bit of white sugar to the brown sugar mixture that the recipe called for.

Butter, sugar, roll. Repeat.
Done. Enjoy!
Matter of taste.

Crescent Rolls vs. Pie Crust: I made one batch with pre-made crescent rolls and another with pre-made pie crust. I think both were pretty great, but in their own ways. I found the crescent rolls to be light, buttery and fluffy and the pie crust to be firm, flaky, and have more of a crunch. I say give both a try to see what you may like best. I think I'm more for the pie crust crunchy style myself.

Later on, I found some recipes that topped the bites with cream cheese icing and I think that sounds just about perfect!

Delicious Apple Pie Bites done two ways. Perfect bite sized apple pie!

Find us on Pinterest and have a great hump day!

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