Quick Craft: Spray Paint Light Switch Covers

written by: Stacia

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And we're back with a little Quick Craft action! Today we're going to take a plain ol' light switch cover and spruce it up a bit. Let's go!

You will need:
-A light switch and/or outlet cover
-Spray paint
-Some sort of drop cloth

This is a Quick Craft so that means it is relatively fast and easy to accomplish. This particular craft can be done in three to four steps.

I did three different versions of this craft; the first with just one color of spray paint, the second with two different shades of spray paint using a lighter color for the background and a darker color for the foreground and with the third I switched the colors by using the darker color for the background and the lighter color for the foreground. 

First Version (no background color)
Step 1: Apply the art tape to the switch cover however you'd like. Use as much or a little as you want--make a specific pattern and/or design or not...and go with whatever happens (that's what I did). 

Step 2: Spray paint the switch cover. Be sure to get the sides nicely covered as well. 

Step 3: When the first coat of spray paint is dry, spray another coat if needed and if not, take off the tape and you're done!

Second & Third Two-Tone Versions (with a background color)
Step 1: Apply a coat of spray paint. Be sure sure to cover well. You want your background to have full coverage in order for the two-tone effect to work well and properly.

Step 2: If needed, apply a second coat to your background. If not, when the initial paint has dried apply the art tape.

Step 3: Select a color in a different shade and apply over the existing color and tape. Cover well. Add a second coat if needed after the prior coat has thoroughly dried.

Step 4: After the paint has completely dried remove the tape and you're done!

Last Step: Spray paint the screws to match your finish color.

Total Cost: Around $9.00 (depending on what supplies you may need)
Total Time: Approximately 30 mins. (including drying time)
Difficulty Level: Low

Happy Quick Crafting!


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